CTN animation eXpo 2009 Testimonials

Pilar Alessandra - Instructor/Consultant @ On the Page
"Thanks so much for inviting me to speak at the CTN Expo. It was such an impressive event! Well organized and well attended. I can’t believe it was only year one! Please continue to keep me in the loop with CTN events."

Tony Bancroft - Animation Director "Mulan"
"I had a great time and the whole CTN-X team did a great job. I look forward to next years Expo! "

Chris Bailey - Animation Director "Alvin and the Chipmunks"
"CTN really outdid itself. I loved that your show was about artists! The panels were great and you managed a perfect balance between fan and pro...both sides of me enjoyed it equally!"

Tony DeRosa - Supervising Animator Walt Disney Animation
"Congratulations for putting together the very successful CTN-X! You and your team have done an outstanding job and service to the animation community and we are all very grateful to you for your vision and hard work to make this a reality! Thank you so much it was really fun."

Carolyn Bates - Producer DUCK Studios
"I am blown away by the CTN - Expo, and I am so glad to be a volunteer on something so wonderful. Thanks for putting this together. It's one of the best things to happen to animation in L.A., and for our industry, and for the future of animation. It was so nice to run into so many old friends and to be at a place where the artists, not the studios were the stars. Count me in for next year's CTN Expo!"

Eric Beckman - President GKIDS
"The grassroots support for "The Secret of the Kells" is phenomenal. Everyone who has seen the movie has fallen in love. After the Creative Talent Network Expo screening literally dozens of animators came up and asked to help spread the word-and the result is the ASIFA and Academy Award nomination."

Nancy Beiman - Author, Instructor Sheridan University Canada and Animator
"I am delighted to hear that your Expo was a great success. I want to attend the second fest next year with the new book. Here's to a long and successful run of a new animation institution!"

Dave Block - Animation Director Walt Disney Animation
"CTN-X was clearly a success. It's a grand thing you're doing."

Kyle Boyd - Professional Animation Artist
"I just wanted to give you a huge thanks for an amazing weekend at the expo. It was tons of fun working with CTN and I really appreciate the opportunity. It was so great to see it all come together and put a well deserved spotlight on the artists right here in our back yard. Great work!"

Maria Briones - Blaine Convention Services
"I heard that the show was a huge success! I was VERY happy to hear this!!! I am looking forward to CTN2010!!"

Maija Burnett - California Institute for the Arts Administrative
"I saw a lot of posts on Facebook from the students, raving about the expo, and soooo happy for the opportunity. Congrats on the success -- it went great!"

Erik Caines - Animation Graduate CSULB
"I really can't tell you enough how much of a success the Expo was this weekend, but you must already know that. CTN did an absolutely amazing job! The animation industry is greatly enriched by all that you have contributed to it! I know that for me personally, my journey and pursuit throughout the industry has been enhanced ever since my teacher turned me on to CTN's network for students, Animation Alumni. You really have made a difference in my life. I can't say thank you enough. This weekend blew my expectations out of the water! The people I was able to talk to and the connections I established would never have been possible without an amazing expo like this. I had a awesome interview with Jana Day over at Sony, Scott Morse from Pixar gave me some great story tips after checking out my portfolio, and sharing breakfast with Max Howard is something I'll always remember. That's just to name a few of the highlights from the weekend. I'v been trying to break into story on the studio level for awhile, and wanting to work professionally as an artist in the entertainment industry for most of my life. It's a pursuit that I'll never quit on, but does prove to often take a lot out of me. Thanks to your amazing talent network and great events like the Expo, I'm encouraged and re-energized to keep working even harder. Again, THANK YOU! I hope I'm in a position in my future that I might be able to return the favor. Looking forward to doing it again next year! "

J. Scott Campbell - American Comic Book Artist
"Though my participation wasn't as much as others, I absolutely LOVED the show! My favorite of the entire year, and I do lots of them. From the casual, adult friendly atmosphere, to the high concentration of eager students, to live draws and figure drawing sessions, to the wide range of fantastic panels, and especially the dimmed evening lighting and cocktail hour! Just fantastic all around!!

I'm absolutely looking forward to attending next years show and plan on setting up a table and doing more drawing demos. Perhaps I could even gather a group of us "comic-book guys" to do a panel discussing the cross pollination of comic books and animation. Thank you again!"

Brenda Chapman - Director Pixar Animation Studios
"I hope this grows each year - it's a great thing you're doing!"

Solomon Charles - Los Angeles Animation Critic
"Just wanted to say congratulations on what was clearly a very successful event and I hope I'll be called on for the next one."

Alina Chau - Animation Artist

Bobby Chiu - Owner Imaginism Studios and Concept Artist
"Thanks for all the hard work you put into the expo I had a great time."

Richard Chuang - Owner CloudPic Studios
"We are all on the edge of exciting changes. Someday we will look back and value this moment. It was great sharing that moment with all of you."

Merry Kanawyer Clingen - Animation Artist Walt Disney Animation
"CONGRATULATIONS ! Everybody was talking about the Expo last night. CTN-X is the hit of the decade!"

Fennelly Colbert - Ex-EFX Department
"I just wanted to say that I had a blast at the CTN event a few weeks back in Burbank, it was wonderful to see & catch up with so so many old Disney Feature animation and Sullivan Bluth studio friends."

Peter de Seve - Illustrator and Character Designer
"Thanks for a great weekend. Everyone had a great time, especially me."

Dan Hofstedt - Independent Supervising Animator
"It was fantastic. CTN deserves a standing ovation for putting it all together. It was great seeing so many people from past projects and studios under one roof. It was inspirational seeing so many artists' personal work on display. Good forums and panels and demos. All in all a fantastic event that I'm already looking forward to next year!"

Chris Decima - CTN-X Volunteer
"Just wanted to also say thank you for allowing me to volunteer and the get word out about the CTN Expo 2010!!! I actually spoke to one of the artists that attended last year and was very excited to hear that the plans are underway already! "

Andreas Deja care of Jean Gillmore - Legendary Animator and Character Designer
"From Jean Gillmore: Saw Andreas Deja at the Roy Disney celebration in Hollywood yesterday--- he just went on and on how well he liked the CTN Expo, how professional it was, how he thought it was so fitting that it was all about the artists, and thought any one of the big studios good not have done it any better! High praise, and well-deserved."

Craig Elliot - Industry Professional, Painter and Designer
"Thanks so much for the show, it was so fun, and PACKED! you did a great job marketing obviously."

Rick Farmiloe - Independent Animator
"I wanted to THANK YOU so much for a such a great event! It far exceeded my expectations!! Got to see some great panels and meet up with a lot of old friends and make some new connections. I'm really looking forward to the event next year! "

Peggy Flynn - Arts Coordinator Burbank Unified School District
"CONGRATULATIONS on a hugely successful first year!!! I am apologizing in advance for my gross over-use of the "!" but I just have to convey how thrilled I am that everything went so beautifully. Thank you for working so hard to make sure BUSD students were able to be a part of it. I've asked them to send me some reflections of their experiences that I will definitely share with you. I hope you realize the impact this event had on our students. You may have set wheels in motion for the rest of their lives. That is some gift!"

Herrera Francisco - Independent Character Designer Mexico City
"CTN was the best show, and for Humberto and I will be just great to be there again next year, you guys are simply the best and I know this show will become the best of the best, because the most important thing is the art and the people, and that make's the difference "

Gladstone Frank - Independent Producer and Educator
"Just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed and got out of being a part of CTN-X this year. It was an increbile event packed with incredible people and wealth of information and geniune real world facts about the animation and the art industry. I look forward to being part of 2010 CTN-X. Thanks again for the awesome job by you and your crew of talented people. The attitude all of you brought to this event made all the difference."

Howard Friedman - CEO HF Tradeshow Consultants
"Looks like the Expo was a huge success. Mazel tov to CTN and the Expo staff! Looking forward to next year."

Raul Garcia - Independent Animation Director
"CTN deserves a standing ovation. It was simply amazing and a shot of moral for the old and young troops out there."

Scribner George - Painter
"I want to tell you I was really impressed with the event and thought the CTN team did an amazing job pulling this together. I'm never going back to comi-con and I heard that from others as well."

Jill Gillmore - Character Designer and Industry Professional
"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! on a magnificent endeavor, I hope it was all you had envisioned. From the time you imagined it to the time it ended, wouldn't you say you made it happen? You are indeed a VISIONARY. Can do anything you set your mind to. Bravo, everyone was so impressed."

Manny Gonzales - Student Cal Arts
"I would just like to thank you again for the amazing oppurtunity you gave me. I had such a great time, and it will surely be a moment in my life I will never forget. I really hope you keep having the CTN going every year. Every person I talked to that went says it was awesome. and I strongly agree."

Lee Gramling - Digital Animator DreamWorks Animation
"Thanks for a great Animation Expo #1, I can't wait until next year."

Don Hahn - Executive Producer Walt Disney Animation
"The Expo was a huge success on every level. I had so many people say that this was just like Comicon or Siggraph used to be and how unusual and special it was to have it be about the art and artists. I'd turn one direction and see people in a life drawing class, in another, a sculpting class, or a demonstration by some star of the art world. Hats off to you for making this a huge hit and what I hope will be an annual summit that we can all look forward to. "

Frank Hansen - Animation Artist and Exhibitor
"Just wanted to thank CTN and tell you how much I enjoyed and got out of being a part of the eXpo this year. It was an increbile event packed with incredible people and wealth of information and geniune real world facts about the animation and the art industry. I look forward to being part of 2010 CTN-X. Thanks again for the awesome job by the CTN crew of talented people. The attitude all of them brought to this event made all the difference."

Siepermann Harald - Industry Professional, Character Designer from Germany
"It was a pleasure to be there !"

Rustam F. Hasanov - Concept/Visual Development Artist
"The CTN Animation Expo was admirably well organized in preparing and presenting my portfolio material to the companies that came to the show. The interview process was made into a pleasant and fruit-full experience that was important to not only getting work, but also getting firsthand feedback from major companies in the animation industry. It was three days of great art, loads of insightful stories, information and exciting opportunities. Thank You!"

Kathleen Helppie - Independent Producer at Sabbatical Pictures
"CTN put on a great conference and I really enjoyed attending. I'm looking forward to next year!"

Steve Hickner - Director/Producer- Dreamworks Animation Studios
"THE CTN Expo far exceeded my already high hopes. In one year, CTN has succeeded in creating a must-see event for anyone in the animation business, or anyone who even likes animation. I heard nothing but rave reviews about the event, and even the blogs were exceedingly complimentary—which is almost antithetical to the blogosphere."

Kit Ho - CTN-X Volunteer
"I just wanted to say a big THANKS for everything done at the CTN Animation Expo! I loved every part of my experience: the volunteering, the insightful lectures, the expo floor, everything! So thank you so much for your hard work- it definitely paid off and I can't wait until next year!"

Max Howard - Studio Executive and former President Walt Disney Animation Studios
"My calendar is marked! I had such a great time last weekend, a truly outstanding event. Thank you so much for pulling it together."

Lee Hughes - Assistant Director of Admissions-Art Institute
"It was an Awesome event and I just keep hearing good thing after good thing about it. The “Panels” were great, from what our students were telling us. We had about 20-40 students and alumni visit this event, that I know of. The people exhibiting were also very friendly and open so it was easy to net work. CTN did a great job.Thanks."

Dhar Jabouri - Attendee
"Attended CTN-X, and you did a fantastic job. I will attend in the future, for sure :o)."

JACK ENYART - Owner Consultoont.com
"I do not recall if I told you how much I enjoyed the CTN Expo. It was focused, professional, compact... much like Comic Con used to be. Am still following up on contacts I made!"

Ian Johnston - Animation Director 8fish Branding
"Thank for the incredible expo! The creative based environment you established really helped to re-invigorate me and give enough down time to just be creative without a deadline. I understand you've booked the hall for the next couple years so I couldn't pass up on submitting for a table. Please keep in touch and I look forward to seeing what you do in the next couple of years. :)"

Matt Jones - Ronald Searle Presenter and Story Artist
"The expo was so much fun-thnx again for arranging everything- all your hard work paid off."

Robin Joseph - Animation Concept Designer
"I wanted to thank you for putting together something so wonderful. WOW! the 3 days were a blast! So much talent and inspiration. It was great to connect with old clients and friends, and people I only knew over the phone or email. You really brought everyone together. Please count me in for next year!! Can't wait! Congratulations on such a fantastic turnout!!"

Joy Forbes - Asst. City Manager Burbank
"What a great event! I’m so happy that it went so well and glad you’ll be back again. "

Yvette Kaplan - Former Assistant Director and Head of Story Beavis and Butt Head
"Congratulations to you all! And to everyone involved in making this past incredible weekend possible-- you did an amazing, in fact, no-words-can-say how amazing--job! Thank you for everything, I am still flying high from the experience. I send love and applause!"

Lisa Kay - Owner Greenlightjobs.com
"Congratulations to you and your outstanding team for pulling off an amazing event! We were very happy to be a part of it and look to be more involved next year."

Fumi Kitahara - Owner The PR Kitchen
"Congrats on a great event this past weekend! I've heard so many great things from people all across the board!!"

Katie Koskenmaki - Artistic Development Coordinator DreamWorks Animation
"I wanted to tell you just how amazing it was. As an attendee, I had a fabulous time. The sheer volume of talent and information was mind-blowing! -- like a candy store for animators. I was also impressed by how well it was run. I'm sure you had plenty of hiccups, it being the first year, but the average attendee didn't suspect a thing.I also wanted to let you know what a great resource it has been, both for me and for speakers/exhibitors. I was actively prowling for talent to bring back to DWA for Art Dev events, and I'm in promising conversations with many of the people I met. If you're interested, by next year I should be able to give you some stats on how many speakers and exhibitors ended up in a professional relationship with DWA because I met them at the Expo. Congratulations! -- and here's to next year!"

Bill Kroyer - Executive Board Member Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
"It was a tremendous event and achievement for CTN. Congratulations!"

Kevin Kutchaver - Co-Owner and Director at Sheer Force of Will
"With artists in general getting slowly pushed out of the back door at Comic-Con, it was nice to have a gathering that featured other people's independent art."

Kyle Boyd - Animation Artist Volunteer
"I just wanted to give you a huge thanks for an amazing weekend at the expo. It was tons of fun working with CTN and I really appreciate the opportunity. It was so great to see it all come together and put a well deserved spotlight on the artists right here in our back yard. Great work! Congrats!"

Dorse Lanpher - Legendary EFX Animator Walt Disney Animation
"I'm still musing about the success of the Animation Expo...You have to be the proudest person on the planet...I'm already looking forward to next year. It was great fun and I think a very valuable kick start for a lot of youngsters....Congratulations."

Zoe Leder - Independent Casting Agent
"All I heard were raves about the CTN event...congratulations! Clearly this event has legs."

Brittney Lee - Visual Development Artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios
"I just wanted to take the time to say once again that I could not have been more impressed by CTN-X!

This past weekend was the most educational, productive, and overall enjoyable time that I can remember, and certainly the best convention I have had the pleasure to exhibit with. Thank you again for all ...of your hard work and dedication
- it really showed. I will be the first in line to sign up for next year!"

Angela Lepito - Director of Artist Development DreamWorks Animation
"I was just thinking yesterday how much I enjoyed the conference and can't wait for the next one. It is not everyday I get to have dinner w/ John Musker, afterall and see so many friends."

Jose Lopez - Animation Artist and CTN-X Exhibitor
"This past weekend I attended the CTN expo in Burbank and wow!! What a great show. All animation talent, I got to meet a ton of my heroes and connected with old friends. Thanks again to all of you who stopped by to say hello and bought the books, much love to you all."

Frank Hansen - Animation Artist
"Just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed and got out of being a part of CTN-X this year. It was an increbile event packed with incredible people and wealth of information and geniune real world facts about the animation and the art industry. I look forward to being part of 2010 CTN-X. Thanks again for the awesome job by you and your crew of talented people. The attitude all of you brought to this event made all the difference."

Kim Lorang Phillips - CG Generalist and Cloth TD at Furious FX"
"The CTN Expo was just the best most inspirational event ever! I will recommend this to all artists everywhere!!"

Mauro Maressa - Legendary Traditional EFX Animator Walt Disney Animation
"The Expo was truly succesfull in all ways from my point of view. Meeting and seeing all those people from animation, new and old was inspiring and fun. I enjoyed my lecture with Dale and I hope it was... of some help to someone out there. They didn't walk out so I guess they enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks again for the opportunity. I enjoyed the whole experience a great deal"

Pam Martin - Writer New York, New York
"I wanted to tell you what an excellent job you and your supporters did for the CTN expo. If at all possible I would like to come again next year and if you ever have a chance to spread some of the pixie dust to the East Coast please keep us in mind. Good job, thanks for all of your efforts."

David Master - Learning Activist
" Congratulations! CTN orchestrated a magnificent event. It is hard to believe that this is just the first year for your event. I attend many events and conferences and the CTN expo seemed as if it had been running smoothly for a decade.The whole animation community should be thankful that you had the vision, talent and fortitude to pull off such a well done event in a time where so many students and artists are unemployed, anxious and/or disheartened."

Uli Meyer - Owner Uli Meyer Studios and Animation Artist and Director
"CTN has all the reason to be proud, CTN-X was a brilliant event, one that I won't forget in a hurry. I'm putting the word out over here and hopefully next year you will see a lot more of us from England."

Rob Minkoff - Award Winning Director Lion King and Stuart Little
"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed sharing the stage at CTN-X. I thought overall the event turned out a huge success. Glad to see animators taking center stage finally."

Jim Mitchell - Animation Storyboard Artist
"I had a great and rewarding time at the Expo!"

Troy Nethercott - Art Dept. Coordinator Walt Disney Studios FRANKENWEENIE
"We spent a good deal of time this past weekend at the CTN Expo and came away very impressed. All in all, I interviewed 25 candidates for our film. We both thought the level of talent you were able to introduce to us was extremely high and we ended up with many more choices than we expected.

I especially wanted to thank your recruiting coordinator for her patience and professionalism in dealing with demanding clients like us! We made some last minute changes in the schedule but she rolled with the punches and made everything work out smoothly. In a former career I produced large-scale events like this one and I know just how much hard work goes into it behind the scenes. Congratulations on producing a first-class event!

I would highly recommend CTN to anyone in our business casting for key artistic talent on a movie or TV series. It is a great "one-stop shopping" concept and we hope to make a couple of hires from the pool of candidates that we met through CTN.

Thanks again!"

Stuart Ng - Owner of Stuart Ng Rare Books and CTNX Exhibitor
"We exhibited at the very first CTN-X Animation Expo this weekend and the event was a huge success! It exceeded the expectations of the attendees, the exhibitors, the guests, and the organizers. A chance to meet and talk to Peter de Sève, Andreas Deja, Eric Goldberg, Kent Melton, Mike Mignola, John Musker, Lou Romano, J. Scott Campbell, Don Bluth, Floyd Norman, Dean Yeagle, and hundreds of other animation artists over the course of three days drew many attendees from outside the country. Everyone I spoke to plans on attending again next year which promises to be bigger and better. Mark your calendars now for the next CTN-X!"

Phil Nibbelink - Industry Professional and Independent Animation Director
"GREAT conference! CTN-X is AMAZING."

Sue Nichols - Industry Professional and Independent Animation Designer
"FABULOUS time at the CTN-Xpo! Thanks for such a great event."

Maddy O'Neil - Industry Professional and Animation Artist
"What a huge success!"

Robert Palmer Attendee
"Thank you for making it possible for me to attend the expo. I had a wonderful time attending the panels, seeing the demos, and meeting with recruiters and other artists. See you next year!"

Lisa Poole - Animation Producer Ken Duncan Studios
"Congratulations on what appears to be an extremely successful expo! I’m so glad that I made the decision to attend all 3 days and only wish I’d been able to attend even more of the panels you and your team arranged. It would’ve been impossible, though, given that I went to them pretty much back-to-back!

Thank you for pulling together such a great event -- I look forward to attending again next year. "

Ashley Postlewaite - Animation Producer Renegade Animation Studios
"It was a great 3 days! It is already on the schedule for next year. We had a lovely time and made some nice new connections and nice re-connections!"

Dave Pruiksma - Animator and Animation Instructor Laguna Animation Department
"My students are STILL talking about the Expo. They were all very inspired by it."

Ramin Zahed - Editor Animation Magazine
"What an amazing j ob the fantastic CTN team has done! Everyone is singing your praises--with good reason. Seriously, it was a fantastic event and everything has been simply beautifully organized and well-executed. BRAVA!!! BRAVA BRAVA!!!"

John Ramirez - Animator and Instructor ACME Animation
"GREAT JOB! It was great seeing old friends and seeing the excited students have a chance to show their work. Plus all the great artwork on display. Animation has it's very own Comic-con!"

Dawn Rivera-Ernster - Director of Artist Development Walt Disney Animation
"Thanks to CTN for working through the bumps with us. We are happy to have been a part of an amazing event for the artists and all of the up-and-comers of our industry. Cheers to the vision, integrity and commitment to the artists. We look forward to being a part of the event next year."

Matt Roberts - Animation Resources Coordinator
"I just wanted to once again extend my most thorough thanks for organizing all our swell interviews this past weekend at the CTN Expo—there was a GOODLY amount of talent that came through those doors and we owe it all to you for corralling them all our way!"

Lou Romano - Art Director Laika Animation Studios
"Congratulations on the birth and success of CTN-X. I really enjoyed the expo and was very inspired by the people I met, the conversation and the vitality of the animation community. It is a very exciting time in animation on both big and small scales. CTN-X was a great way to have them all come together as one. Please let me know when you're planning the next expo. I would love to attend and participate!"

Peggy Schultz - Adminstrative Stuart Ng Rare Books
"Congratulations for hosting such a successful and exciting event. I work for Stuart Ng Books. I wish I could share with you the innumerable conversations I had with attendees, who were SO appreciative of the event. Again, my congratulations!"

Andy Seredy - Animator | Character Setup Artist
" I am very pleased to say, the interviews I had at the event went very well. I landed a staff position at one of the largest feature animation studios, and its all thanks to the Raising the Bar Recruiting event at the CTN Animation Expo. I don't think I would have been able to get noticed as quickly, using traditional recruiting channels. Thanks for an awesome event, and I will definitely see you again next year."

Louise Smythe - Student Animation
"My name is Louise Smythe. I am a student in animation and illustration and I was fortunate enough to attend CTN-X this year. I wanted to thank you for setting this up. If it weren't for CTN I would not have had the wonderful experience I had this weekend. I wish I had taken time to meet you personally to thank you! Hopefully I will have that opportunity again soon. Your work has always been an inspiration to me and I admire you for all you have accomplished.

I can't wait until next year! I made some great connections with extremely nice and talented people and I look forward to doing it again. Thanks!"

Trisha Sprouce - Recruiting Coordinator CTN-X
"Yay...Disney Toons hired one of the CTN candidates they met this weekend! :-)"

Phillip Williams TStarz - Senior Recruiter Starz Animation Studios
"Thank you! CTN really pulled things together incredibly well. It was a great event. I look forward to next year!"

Ashley Stoddard - Student
"Thank you so much for organizing the recruiting event at the CTN Expo! Through that process I made contacts with studios and succeeded in getting an internship at Nickelodeon! Definitely a great opportunity and I'm so grateful to you guys for putting it together. How else would a student like me get the chance to have my portfolio reviewed by such a select group of studios? Thanks again!"

Sue Blanchard - Production Manager Universal
"Congrats again on a hugely successful CTN Expo. I cannot tell you how impressed I am! looking forward to next year --- or this year as it's 2010."

Gielow Tad - Computer Animation Professional
"What a great Expo!!! I had a great time on the panel, visiting/networking with friends, and meeting new people all over the place. CTN-X is a great artist centric gathering."

Mark Thornton - Animation Student
"Wanted to thank everyone for a fantastic event! Never imagined I could be in one room with so many incredible talents. Learned a ton -- made countless contacts. Can't wait till next year. My favourite part: breakfast with the pros -- I had one on one time with Lou Romano and his wife -- let's do more of this!!!"

Tom Sito - Writer and Animation Historian
"Huge crowds of students and pros came to party, share ideas and watch cool animation. Folks from all over the country, Canada and Germany. Congratulations to Tina Price and her crew. Everything moved smoothly, and their attention to detail in organizing really paid off.. Everyone said the Expo reminded them of what Siggraph and Comicon used to be before they grew into massive corporate trade shows. This event is booked in that Marriott Convention Center for the the next two years at least. I predict this event will become a perennial favorite for animation talent."

Dice Tsutsumi - Art Director Pixar Animation Studios
"Congratulations on the immense success of the event. I was absolutely impressed with all your organization and the amount of talent you were able to gather. If there is another one next year, please know that I would be up for participating. The movie I'm art directing Toy Story 3 will be out by then so I can maybe do a solo lecture on colorscript using my Toy Story colorscript. I received many emails asking for more in-depth lecture on color script in the past few days.

CTN started something amazing and big and you have the support from many professionals and fans!"

Juan Carlos Valdez - Computer Animation Professor
"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful animation convention. I had a great time at CTN expo. I experienced so many things that I will treasure for all my life. I am a computer animation professor from Florida and it's not everyday that I can get a chance to meet industry professionals and participate in fantastic seminars and demonstrations. The event for me, started out
with a bang by winning the first raffle, which was only topped off by being right in front of Eric Goldberg doing his demonstration on Sunday. I adore all the exhibits, lectures, the critiques that I received, the "Raising the Bar" that I participated in and meeting great animators. But truthfully, what I most appreciate is the motivation, confidence and drive I gained to become more than I am. To be the best artist/animator I can be. And to fulfill all my professional goals and dreams. Thank you again, it is truly the best convention I have ever been to. I cannot wait for next year!"

Darrell Van Citters
"I didn’t come across anyone who didn’t absolutely enjoy themselves at it. It was also great to connect with so many people I hadn’t seen in years. Jerry Beck said it was like what Comic Con used to be, before it went corporate. He’s right."

Alex Vassilev - Animator
"I can see this being the big annual animation event for years to come!"

Albert Villalta - Director LA Film School
"Just wanted to send my congratulations to you on a very successful show. I was impressed to see the amount of foot traffic and energy for a first year show. Great job by everyone on your staff. We had a great response ranging from potential students to potential business partners.

Please do count us in for next year!"

Ron Yavnelli - Animator and Comedian
"Congratulations again on making the CTN expo such a huge success. I can't wait to see what you do next and I look forward to participating in any way I can."

Paul Young - Producer
"Thanks for the brilliant support.
We're delighted about our Academy Award Nomination.

All the best!"