CTN Studio

CTN Studio

Our Shareable Space

Created by artists for artists in the Animation Capital of the World, Burbank, CA, USA, located near Warner Bros, Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, and more. CTN studio has what you need. Our space is best for filmmaking, art shows, club meetings, workshops, etc. We abide by the Covid-19 protocols.

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Community Partnership

Like what we do? Go beyond traditional methods with a Community partnership.

A CTN Community partnership helps our industry in a more meaningful and memorable way than any other conventional method by aligning your support directly with the interests and needs of these artists at all levels. CTN events ensure the type of equality and quality within our community that you can be proud of. This industry trusts CTN, and your support brings us all closer together as a community to help each other. We take that trust very seriously.

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The Creative Talent in the visual storytelling industry consists of a remarkable group of creators. Whether you need a quick tip, thought-provoking idea, or an insight on a particular area, this group opens up to a world of inspiration with their knowledge.

Share Our Space!

Share Our Space!

Art Gallery Shows

We organize art gallery shows once every year to showcase the masterpieces created by some highly talented artists worldwide.
You also get an opportunity to connect with the artists and learn about things you didn’t know.


CTN conducts various knowledge-based workshops and talk shows to ignite both personal and professional transformation within you. These workshops are designed keeping in mind the industry needs and requirements.

Figure Drawing

CTN also exposes students to figure drawing rendering techniques to unlock and develop their drawing style.

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